Week 4 – Do the Vehicles Move?

We are so pleased that our Engineer Level 1 entries move forwards and backwards. This wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t have made the switches.

With a ruler, we carefully measured 25cm from one end of an MDF wheel to the other. Once we had made a mark, we added a metal drawing pin to either side. We carefully used a hand drill to make a hole for the wire connection to fit through.Mr Dougill helped us to attach the battery with a glue gun, before wrapping the wires around the metal pins.

With the second MDF wheel, we made sure the wires were connected to the motor. When we joined the wheels, we made sure the metal pins were on the inside. The, there we had it – a switch!


We tested the switch and our vehicles moved. We practiced moving the vehicles backwards and forwards and are very excited to test them properly!

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