Young Farmers – Apprentice Level Update

The children who are competing at Apprentice Level have been working really hard to complete their designs and build their chassis. It has it’s own axles and wheels too!

We are very lucky here at Norbridge Academy, to have a varied, rich and broad curriculum. This means that Design Technology is part of our ongoing curriculum. As the children are already prepared with skills that are needed for this entry level, they were able to make their vehicle confidently.

Once the children had saw Miss Greave’s tractor, they were inspired to make their own for the competition. They even had the opportunity to sit inside and imagine what it would be like to be a real farmer.

The children had to complete some final paper drawings before they could measure the wood with rulers. To gauge the size of the vehicle, they spaced the wheels flat against the table. Mr Dougill carefully watched them use a handsaw so that they could accurately cut all of the pieces of wood needed for their vehicle. The children then repeated these careful steps for the axles. They had to make sure that the tractor was free-running too.

With Mr Dougill’s help, the vehicle was put together with a hot glue gun. They carefully attached pegs to the chassis, in order for the axles to fit. The children found this a little bit tricky, but they used a ruler for accuracy.

Soon, the children will be testing the vehicle to make sure that it runs in a straight line. Watch this space….

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