Week 1 – Researching the Vehicles

We have spent some time thinking about the designs for the vehicles and the types of vehicles that we would like to enter into the Regional Finals. Have a read below to find out more about our entries:

Apprentice Level 1:

This year we are making a tractor. We have chosen to make a tractor because Miss Greaves, a teacher from our school, lives on her farm and her tractor visited our school. We will need to make sure the vehicle will be able to run in a straight line when we push it down a ramp.

Engineer Level 1:

This year we are making two completely different types of vehicles. A few of us really like Mr. Bean, so we have designed him a new Mini car to drive around in. Our other car is based on the Bluebird-Proteus, the fastest land speed record car. Both of these vehicles will have an electric motor and will need to be able to climb a ramp in a straight line. We are very excited to see the vehicles come together.

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