Week 3 – The Wheels and the Gearing System

Things are moving quickly with our Engineer Level 1 entry. We have attached the wheels and gearing systems on both the VW camper van and the Mystery Machine!

Firstly, we measured the dowel accurately with a ruler to make the axle. We then attached this to the chassis, before carefully attaching the wooden wheels.

To make the gearing system for both of the vehicles, we had to use a hand-drill to form the holes for the drive wheel. The drive wheel goes from the electric motor, to the center of the vehicle. We then use elastic bands to join the motor to the drive wheel: small to big.

Soon, we will have made the body to our vehicles! Watch this space..!IMG_0625 IMG_0629

Watch the video of us using attaching the wheels and using a hand drill at http://www.norbridge.org/y5-acer-class/

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