Primary Engineer Challenge Begins

We have been welcomed by the Principal of Aston Engineering Academy to the challenge this year.  Our Key Stage 2 teams have had their vehicles tested and the blogging bus scored maximum points on the ramp and straight line test and the men in black car scored maximum on the ramp but lost some marks on the straight line test.

We are very pleased with our performance and the children have been a good example to others here.  Exemplar behaviour is a pleasure to see.

Our Key Stage one entry has not been tested yet but the 3 chefs are raring to go and have talked very clearly about their truck.  it has been worth the effort to watch Alfie punch the air as the bus scored maximum points.

Great to see staff here on a Saturday giving their time to our students.  I am so proud to see them here working hard for our school.  Miss Millwater is taking many photographs and I will update the blog later with those.  please share our tweets to spread the word.

3 thoughts on “Primary Engineer Challenge Begins

  1. All sounds fab! Loving the London bus theme and flag sashes from around the world. Huge commitment from all involved- yet again! Great to see- enjoy the KS1 test

  2. All the vehicles look brilliant. We have got all our fingers crossed for you today, hoping that you come back with the trophies that you all deserve. Mr Dougill really wishes that he was there with you all, and wishes you all the luck in the world. Go Norbridge x

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